Providing HOME REPAIR loans TO Homeowners IN need


HROUM is constantly looking for contractors of

all trades to participate in the programs.  

Contractors must be currently  licensed in their

respective trades and have adequate business

insurance coverage in place.  HROUM and the

Counties we serve encourage all women and

minority contractors to apply.  

For more information and to apply to be placed on our bidders list, click here.

Homeowners may be eligible for 0% interest deferred loans that cover up to 100% of the total cost of health and safety, structural, energy related and cosmetic improvements.  

To participate, an applicant must have owed and lived in the home to be improved for at least one year.
-----------------------------------------------------The home must be located in Iron County,----------------------------------------------------------be covered by homeowner's insurance, and---------------------------------------------------------have all property taxes paid up-to-date.

----------------------------------------------------- The minimum loan amount is $1,000
------------------------------------------------------with a maximum loan of $35,000.
​------------------------------------------------------Gross annual household income is used in
----------------------------------------------------- determining eligible applicants and
----------------------------------------------------- includes all taxable and non-taxable -----------------------------------------------------------------income of all adult members of the
----------------------------------------------------- household.
​ For more information and to sign up,
click here.
HOUSING REHAB of UP​PER MICHIGAN (HROUM) is the Administrator of Housing Rehabilitation Programs for Iron County. The Housing Rehabilitation Program is  intended to assist low and very low income homeowners make necessary improvements to their homes.

Funds for these programs are provided
through the Michigan State Housing
Development Authority (MSHDA) which
receives funds from the United States
Department of Housing and Urban
Development's (HUD) Community
Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. 

Loans For Home Repairs